April 6, 2011

Morning Coffee

picGrunger Review
Pioneer Coffee, Cle Elum, WA
Today I am reviewing the update to picGrunger, one of my favorite apps. The addition of seven textures is a great one, unfortunately, they didn't add a strength slider however. I do like the options of textures they added and used the appropriate one "burlap" for this image. I felt it added a great look to the coffee theme of this image. I was impressed that you could still read Pioneer Coffee after the texture was added.
Another change is the way the image is saved or "Share". The Share screen is confusing even for veteran iPhone users. The term "share' shouldn't be used in the case of 'saving' the image to your Photo Album. In order to save you must turn the sliders from off to on in the Photos line, every time, and then tap 'share it". Basically strange and therefore confusion terminology.
However the addition of being able to share with your Facebook, Flickr, Twitter  and Email friends is helpful to many. I for one never use these ways of sharing because I always want to sharpen after using picGrunger, as I did with PhotoForge for this image. Also, I always want to add my copyright with Impression. I also used PhotoStudio during the processing of this image.
Overall, I think the simple addition of seven textures to picGrunger was a worthwhile. I do hope in the very near further a strength slider will be added. Unfortunately I haven't found a link to contact the developers to make that suggestion.

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