May 15, 2011

1952 Ford Truck - Roslyn, WA

The beauty of living in a small town is that every now and then you will find jewels like this parked along the road. On Saturday, it was in front of the Roslyn Museum, so I walked in and asked the gentleman visiting there if he minded if I took photos of his car. He gave me a curious look and said, "'Why no." So armed with my iPhone I started capturing this 1952 Ford from all different angles. I chose this angle  for the purpose of isolating it from the cars and buildings around it.
During the intense photo shoot the owner and his wife came out of the museum, sat on a bench and patiently watched me while they had a great conversation with a friend of mine. Afterward I sat on the sidewalk listening to the many tales of growing up and living in Roslyn. She was very proud, and justly so, that they had celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary last week. She also said that she was turning 90 next week and her husband was 92.
They looked terrific. He had an expression of a young boy when he was reliving his tales with us. Especially the ones of dancing or playing baseball. One story he told was of the 37 saloons that Roslyn once had. He said that if you got too drunk the police officer would just drive you home. When I asked how many police officers they had to handle a town with 37 saloons, he looked at me and said, "Two, one day shift and one night shift."
Now don't get me wrong I love my world of technology and all the possibilities it has brought me, but can you imagine a life where everyone was more responsible for themselves and neighbors took care of neighbors. She told the story of when they needed a garage built and all the neighbors pitched in to help on Saturday to get it completed in one day. This neighborly gesture was repeated all over town.
Oh, I was also informed that when the engine goes out in the truck he replaces it with a spare he has in the garage, then promptly repairs the first one for the next time second engine goes out.
It was a great afternoon.

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  1. Teri you drive me crazy with your pictures... I mean with the incredible beauty of your work... I know already quite a load of your brilliant jewels made with the iPhone but this one is by far my favorite. I wish I could have been with you on that afternoon. I also love the story behind this truck. That's what makes photography such a wonderful occupation; what makes a photo like yours so unique.

  2. So happy that you had a nice photo shoot experience!!! Mr. & Mrs. Ferro are thee sweetest married couple I know or will probably ever know! Glad that you got to meet them! This photo of their truck is marvelous!!


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