May 14, 2011

Vicci Martinez Live!

Vicci Martinez Band

I love to go dancing, especially to live music. When I was told that Vicci Martinez was going to be playing at the Brick in Roslyn, I was just hoping to be able to dance to some good music. Little did I know that I would have such an enjoyable night. 
I arrived early because the place was supposed to be pack to capacity. As usual I sat at the bar with my iPhone and iPad, ate some dinner and then had a wonderful conversation with a new friend who was traveling through, Antonio. When the show was about to start  I was told to find a spot on the dance floor because it would be packed soon. So off we went to find our spot where we would stand all night ;-) The minute Vicci took the stage I saw an expressive bundle of energy, heard a wonderful commanding voice and felt grateful to be witnessing the moment.
First thing I did was walk up to the stage to capture a few photos. I used the Hipstamatic app because I knew it performed so well in low light situation. My goal was to capture and process this photo so it expressed the moment as a performer on a winning streak who's goal is to make it to the top. Best of luck on the Voice Vicci - oh yeah she has my vote and I hope yours too.

Artista Haiku
Dynamic Light

BTW - There wasn't much room to dance but I found my groove a few times!!!

oh yeah - thanks Harry for the guidance on processing this one, it was nice of you to share your expertise.

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