June 22, 2011

Great Service at the Apple Store

Four Hipstamatic images stitched together with AutoStitch
A couple weeks ago I purchased my first Mac laptop. The powerful MacBook Pro 17" - to add to my iPhone, iPad collection. Seemed fitting since I have jumped into iPhoneography with both feet. I was told how much I would love the machine and how great Apple's customer service was. Well sadly I didn't start with the best experience, my machine went down within 10 days, the MotherBoard needed replaced.

Most of the people I talked to never heard of such a thing happening to a Mac, therefore I felt uniquely special that day. However I really didn't like owning a machine that was 'different' than 99.9% of the others. So yesterday I went to the Apple Store in Bellevue, WA.

It was here that I received the customer service most other Mac users had experienced. Caroline took superb care of me. Because of her and the manager I left the store with a new computer that was faster and had a larger hard drive than the machine I had originally ordered through the online store. I also received a $100 iTunes card (a current promotion).

I had backed up the old computer with Time Machine, so all we had to do was plug in my external drive and wait 1.5 hours for the new machine to make the transfer (yes I had spent a lot of time installing software, documents, music, photos, etc in the last 2 weeks). When the transfer was complete and the MacBook Pro booted for the first time all the information was there and the screen was just as though I was waking up my old machine. I was very impressed.

Thanks so much Carolina! and to Apple for keeping true to their reputation!

Since I did have 1.5 hours I spent the time not so surprisingly capturing and processing an image in-store. The above image is four Hipstamatic images AutoStitched one on top of the other. I also used Montage Pro, fxPhotoStudio, and Filterstorm to process. I used the clone tool in Filterstorm to create the MacBook Frame.

I also spent some time showing Caroline what was possible with the iPhone camera and it's photography apps. She was very impressed, shockingly so. ;-)

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