June 22, 2011

'The Tres Amigos' fxPhotoStudioHD - Blender - Filterstorm

Retired Work Truck
I am noticing a pattern to my workflow lately. It seems to always involve three apps: fxPhotoStudioHD, Blender and Filterstorm. I never seem to use them or their effects in any particular order however.
Today's blog post was inspired by some filters I rarely use and a few favorites in fxPhotoStudioHD: Old Sketch, Glowing Edges, Pencil Paint 2, Vintage Green, Dark Engraving, Ancient Canvas and Saturation. I used some in combination and others separately when processing them in Blender using Hard Light as my blending mode. For the final touch I used a low opacity brush in Filterstorm to blend in details I wanted back into the image. As always I also sharpened the image.
The original image was captured with the Hipstamatic camera in my home home of Cle Elum. I found myself going for a drive to practice using different film/lens combos. Didn't find a favorite combo but do like the way this final image was processed.
Heading to the Palouse tomorrow for a week so be prepared for lots of green rolling wheat fields, dark blue skies, red barns and white puffy clouds...crossing my fingers for this perfect scene! ;-)

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  1. I shared on my wall! :) Of course, I always tell new iphoneographers to come here. Barbara K


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