June 6, 2011

Palouse - Old Silos - About to Fall

Palouse, I will be visiting again at the end of the month for a Girl's Only Photo Tour - spots still available!

Attention to my blog has lacked a bit in the last week. The main reason is that I bought a new computer converting from a PC to a MacBook Pro. Most people would say it is about time. I resisted because I tried to make the jump about 5 years ago and only ran into frustration. So it took a bit more poking and prodding this time even though it made all the sense in the world since I am a full fledged iPhone and iPad girl.
Thanks to my good friend Harry who is very willing to answer all my basic questions I am converting easier this time. (However I am making a list of questions that I will have tomorrow.)  
Tonight I got distracted from my blog because I have been importing all my iPhone images into Lightroom on my new Mac. File structure is so important. The import is easy and I must admit easier with the Mac or at least Harry showed me a new trick. The time consuming part is the organizing and keywording. I am being diligent. I truly believe it will pay off. Especially since I am going to begin printing my images soon because many people who see them are asking me where I am selling them, very flattering.  I have not went in that direction yet because I wanted my first goal to be to teach iPhoneography. Well as many of you know I have began to accomplish that goal so I will be learning more about the world of printing – even though I am resisting that too. There is much to learn, thank goodness for good friends…;-)
So today’s image is a rather simply processed one. The original is a Hipsta image, sharpened in Perfect Photo, the Antique Canvas filter and black frame was added using fxPhotoStudio and that is it. 

iPhoneography Classes Available Now!
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  1. Pretty fantastic!!! You painting side is starting to show now!!!


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