July 18, 2011

Step by Step fxPhotoStudio 4.0 Masking Review

Final version fxPhotoStudio 4.0 update with masking

I had the honor of getting to preview the update to fxPhotoStudio 4.0. My main focus was spend time learning about the masking tools. I had anxiously awaited this upgrade option.
Today's blogged image was captured with the Hipstamatic camera, sharpened with the app PerfectPhoto and finalized with the Ensley and Kenai filters in fxPhotoStudio. I was able to zoom in so I could easily mask with the brush and eraser in very small details. This was very helpful when working with small details on the iPhone.

Starting in the upper left going clockwise: Original image, sharpened with PerfectPhoto, Ensley filter added, the Kenai filter added.

The settings used with the Ensley filter.

The settings used with the Kenai filter.

After adding the Kenai filter I chose the Invert Mask option
 and then Erased the filter off of the flower.

Before zooming in, I masked the center of the flower.

I zoomed into the image to be able to mask the small details. The brush size gets smaller as you zoom in. There is 4 brush options. The best way to see how the various brushes work is to tap the 'eye' and brush in this mode. 

I am excited at the possibilities the masking feature provides. fxPhotoStudio has so many filter choices that I use very frequently. The masking option just made the app more valuable!

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