July 19, 2011

Photo Contest - Winner receives free iPhoneography 101 Course

written by fxPhotoStudio

Creative challenge: win free iPhoneography course

Either you consider yourself a pro iPhoneographer or still a beginner, it is always good to get some additional practice and learning. Here is an awesome creative challenge for you with a chance to get FX Photo Studio PRO for Mac and - attention here - FREE iPhoneography 101course from a great photographer Teri Lou Dantzler.
Rules are as simple as ABC. Here are pictures, taken by Teri Lou (check more on our Facebook page). Pick any of these images and see what you can turn them into with the new FX Photo Studio 4.0. Apply masking, mix 194 effects and inspire the artist within. Challenge ends on August 2nd and starts from the second you read this post.
When you are done with images, upload them on Facebook or submit via email(atsepko(at)macphun.com) with a subject “creative challenge”. Good news: you can use other photo apps as long as you use FX Photo Studio.

Today's blog image was captured in the Perkins House in Colfax, WA. I captured it with the HIpstamatic camera, however TimelessPhoto changed the square image into a rectangle.


When processing this image I just couldn't stop. I loved the original image straight out of Hipsta and then I loved the effect with just fxPhotoStudio and TimelessPhoto. But then I wanted to use PencilPaint and AncientCanvas filters to give more color and dimension to the image. Next I had to use Filterstorm to dodge and burn in places. Then I wanted to add more to the rather large white frame,  so that is why I used Grungetastic. At this point I thought it looked terrific until I remembered DynamicLight, so I decided to add a little bit of it too. The art of processing is addicting to me. At times I am like the energizer bunny, I just keep going and going and going....lol!

iPhoneography Classes Available Now! - next class starts August 1st - limit 6 student per course. If you would like to learn how to capture and process iPhone images beyond a basic snapshot take an Online iPhoneography Course with Teri Lou. Two courses are available iPhoneography 101 and iCreativity. Click on the direct links in the upper left hand column of this blog for information, pricing and schedule.


  1. William, TimelessPhoto changed my square format into the rectangle on it's own. I had no control over the aspect ratio. It would be great if it did allow for that however!

  2. Sorry if this is a stupid question but how do you dodge and burn in filter storm?


  3. I would be willing to help you with that question. Please send me an email: teri@terilou.com I will respond with an explanation via email.


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