January 12, 2011

iPainting - The Red Flower

Red Flower iPainted
I am experimenting with different things to iPaint. I have found that some images work well and some do not. Sometimes it will take hours of work before I discover that it is not working. I try not to get frustrated and instead move on to a simpler image. That is one of the reasons I decided to revisit this red flower.

The original image was captured with the Hipsta camera app. I use the app PhotoForge for all my painted images. For this one I first used the largest brush on everything except the vase and the flower. I then zoomed in closer to the outside of the vase and flower and with a smaller brush painted right up to the vase and flower. I continued to zoom in and use a smaller brush on the vase and the flower. As I made the brush smaller, I also re-blended the surrounding areas to add more brush strokes. It also seems inevitable that I will create brush strokes that go against the grain. When I do I just swipe them clean with multiple strokes in the correct direction.

At this point I find it important to see if all the pixels were painted. So after I save the image in PhotoForge which can take up to 1 hour, I open the image in PerfectPhoto and zoom in looking over the entire image for missed pixels. Sometime it will take me 3-4 times before I am happy with the results.

I thought I would just stop there but instead I went on to process the image a bit more. I am going to get technical here so you may have questions. I wanted to get more texture back into the image so I used the app PhotoCopier and found that the Photo Penn worked well for texture. I then brought the same image twice into Iris, one for the base layer and one to blend with the base. I blended them in screen at 85% to lighten up the image. I then sharpened both the original painted image and the new textured one in Perfect Photo. For the final touch I blended the original painted image and the textured one in Iris because the texture was too harsh. This time I blended in normal at 85%.

I used the app Diptic to combine these images to show the different steps.

Perfect Photo for sharpening
PhotoForge for painting
PhotoCopier - Photo Penn 
Iris for lightening and blending
Perfect Photo for sharpening again
Impression for copyright

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  1. Thanks for sharing, you do fabulous work with your iphone and apps.

  2. This blog is wonderful. thanks for sharing. The top image is outstanding.http://bit.ly/8woB99

  3. Hi TL. Finally had a chance to visit your blog. Nicely done, you have done some extra things in design, I like it.

    I have to share this. I was at a camera meetup tonight hoping to find other iPhoneographers (still too soon). I did listen to 2 people talking excitedly about their soon to arrive Wacom Smudge Pens. It seems with these devices (and proper software?) one can smudge an image to emulate a painting. Imagine that.


  4. Hi Teri, looks like you are having a great time with the iPhone and the apps. Nice work. Just passing through.

  5. Hi Teri, I'm still at the beginning of reading your blog, and am so impressed and grateful with you creating paintings and abstracts from your iPhone pics.
    Please do tell, how did you use Iris for blending in this picture?


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