April 3, 2011

The Red

Boulder, Utah
So I am driving through this spectacular scenery and I come to the small town of Boulder, Utah where there is suppose to be the best restaurant in Utah. Sadly I never found out how good the food really was because it wasn't open for the season just yet (missed it by 5 days). So I will have to return.
I did though find this great photographic 'Country Corner' store that looked as if it had been closed for years. I love the red door and windows, the old snarly trees and the two gas pumps.

I LOVE this:
There is something magical about the iPhone, it’s unlike any other camera in the world! Perhaps it should come with a cautionary label: WARNING: iPhone photography is capable of igniting intense creative passion in users. Creative passion is life altering and irreversible.  ~Emily Bemily

I am in TOTAL agreement! thanks Emily!


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