April 4, 2011

Girly Girl

At first I saw the tights, next I saw the shoes and then I became a stealth iPhoneographer. Of course the red coat was the bonus that put it over the top!

I believe it is at moments like this when all my photographic experience comes into play:
I recognized the magic in the possibilities of this image.
I positioned myself to capture it.
I quickly opened the best camera app.
I aimed and shot.

I took a few others but it was the first image that was the best. It was instinct. It was the previous 50,000+ other photos that I took prior that prepared me for this moment. So if you question how can you be a great photographer I offer the following advice: Take lots of images and know your equipment. Have it become an extension of yourself. Only then will you be prepared for when the magic presents itself.


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