May 25, 2011

iPhone Interior Architectural Photography

Huntley Lodge 

"What kind of Photographer are you?" Is a common question I have been asked by many. I used to struggle with the answer to that question because I wasn't exactly sure what kind I was. However about a year ago I decided I was an "opportunist photographer", I would shoot any opportunity that presented itself.
It was in October of last year that I redefined myself as an iPhoneographer. However that didn't change the fact that I will still shoot any opportunity that presents itself. So when I was asked to shoot the interior of a vacation lodge with my iPhone I happily accepted the job.
Actually, I had more confidence shooting with my iPhone because I knew I would not only do a great job but I also knew I would be providing my client with a different look then most photographers. For those of you who follow my blog you know that I am a BIG fan of the Autostitch app. I love how I can create an image that you feel you are actually walking into. Yes Autostitch can and does distort the image but I believe that is part of the appeal.
Case in point is this kitchen interior. While capturing this image I stood fairly close to the counter top on the left and then panned the scene capturing 5 images. Since I am familiar with how Autostitch works, I knew that the counter top to the right would bow in the final result. I also knew that I could use just 4 of the images to stitch with if I didn't like the result. I found that the result of the 5 image stitch provokes thought and surrounded the viewer a bit more than your typical technically correct image. This I find very appealing as did my client. As always it is a matter of choice and in the eye of the beholder. I am curious to hear how others feel about shooting interior architecture knowing that the result is going to most likely have the iPhone Autostitch signature.

ProHDR capture
Iris for iPad

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  1. Scooter LowrimoreMay 26, 2011 at 1:01 AM

    Love the image Teri (a lot!) and for an art site it might be great, but if I were looking to buy a house based on the cool curves and unique angles, I might irk me to realize this was not a true picture of what I saw on a real estate site. Of course this is just the past Realtor in me :) I want a true representation if I am investing in the property, and that does not matter so much if it is more about the art. Just a thought. I guess it depends on who the client right?

  2. Thanks for the comment, Scooter. It was just what I was hoping for. I totally agree with your thought. I would not want to have this image representing me as a Realtor or my house if I was selling it.

  3. Very cool shot, Teri. I appreciate reading how you have set it up and why you stood where you did. I also like list of apps too!

    I like the fact that the counter on the right hand side is anchored by the plant and takes you into the kitchen. Great shot!


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