June 21, 2011

Blending with the apps Filterstorm and Blender

On the way to the Palouse, I pass through the small town of Sprague, WA. Last year I saw this church several times standing prominently on a side street. However I didn't capture it until this year a few weeks ago.

I also wanted to share that I had a great experience with Apple at the Apple Store today in Bellevue Washington. I had experienced some problems with my new MacBook Pro so they immediately replaced it onsite, helped me transfer all my data and I was given a $100 iTunes card for my trouble.

Yes, I realize that I would not have received such service with a PC.

Now we are transferring my info from my time machine backup to the my new machine.

ProHDR - single shot
Blender to blend the two above and again with orginal
PhotoStudio - bumpmapped
Filterstorm - to brush back in more of the detail from the original

Blending, in my opinion, is what makes the images I process work. Without Blender or Iris and FIlterstorm my images would not be as complete.

In iCreativity, I explain not only the importance of blending but how to do it in any creative ways. Sign up for my course to find out more in detailed directions.

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  1. sadly it looks shaken to it's foundation kinda like real life


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